We are Quack Squad and we’re hatching a plan to duck sh*t up.

Quack Squad is a collection of unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) generated on the Ethereum compatible polygon network.

Your ducky dynasty comes with membership to “The Tub”, our community treasury where you will receive daily $SOAP token airdrops. Members will also participate in governance decisions lending their voice towards the project roadmap, activations, and campaigns to benefit the community as a whole.

Only 4,690 duckies will be hatched. Do not miss out!


Each OG duckie is eligible to claim $SOAP tokens per day.
These tokens will be used for breeding and to access special events in future.
$SOAP isn't only a Utility Token, its a Goverance Token too.
The $SOAP is the utility token that fuels the Quack Squad Habitat. It is important to note that $SOAP is a utility token for the game mechanics of the Quack Squad and holds no monetary value.
1 $SOAP = 1 $SOAP
$SOAP Supply : TBA
$SOAP Smart Contract : TBA


Phase 1:Minting

Mint of 4,690 OG Duckiez

Phase 2:Token Release

Daily $SOAP Airdrop & Trading

Phase 3:Breeding

Hatch a Gen 2 baby ducky

Phase 4:Soap Land

Quack Squad Won't Stop Don't Stop. TBA


When will Quack Squad be minting?

We know that everyone is excited for the launch but we are making sure that everything is 100% ready before we launch. We will be announcing the date a week prior through our discord channel. So, make sure you are on the loop and be on the lookout for the big announcement! Follow our Discord channel for more updates

How do I get to be on the Whitelisted?

We will be looking for worthy quack heads to be called the super ducks to be on our whitelist. You can join our Discord and Twitter ponds and be active by contributing ideas, submitting fan arts or interacting with other quack heads. This will not guarantee a spot on the whitelist but will give you a higher chance of being part of the whitelist.

How many Duckies do I need to hold in order to receive $SOAP tokens?

You only need to hold 1 ducky to be eligible for airdrop tokens. The more duckies you have, the more $SOAP you get each day.

I’m interested in Ducky Domination. How do I get involved?

Head on over to our Discord group to join our conversations, share ideas, and help us build the future of Quack Squad!

WTDuck is SOAP Land?

Once we reach completion of the first campaign, Quack Squad community members will be granted first access to details on the new mission, SOAP Land. Stay tuned on our Discord and Social channels for updates and clues.


Quack Squad is looking for the chosen ducks to swim with us towards ducky domination! If you want to be on the front part of the line, join our discord and twitter ponds to always be on the loop for exciting and head bobbin’ announcements.




This duck has been quackin’ on the online e-commerce scene for the past decade. He is a ducky visionary who builds out something out of ideas. He is the leader duck in overall operations and creative designs.



Our main duck when it comes to building our website and front line when it comes to developing our smart contract. He is the geeky duck who can’t stop bobbin his head for when it comes to defi and blockchain.



Sheezoreal brings the confetti to the Quack Squad party. She brings the creativity and supports every Quack Head to make sure we all swim together towards our goal to ducky domination.